The vicious cycle of anger

How many times have we screamed to our children: “Stop screaming now!!!”
Obviously, it doesn’t fit in the model we are supposed to give off…

But here, we are asking another question, where does it come from?

It comes from the fact that some days we are irritated, irritable, because we are tired, because something is bothering us. So, we want even less than usual for our children to add on to it.

Only, they too feel our tension…And it makes them nervous! So, they are harder to take care of, more irritable than usual…But we have no patience, so we react fast, and wrong…so they are annoyed too…Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not easy to get out of that.

I came up with two ideas though:
The first is to tell them at the very beginning that we don’t feel that good, and that we might lack patience. Telling them what we feel is trusting them, it’s explaining to them that our bad mood isn’t due to their behaviour, it’s giving them an opportunity to understand.

The second is to try to put the worries aside. To live a moment of full awareness, if its possible, the problems will come back soon enough. (easier said than done…)

“We should try to be happy, even if it’s just to set the example!” (Jacques Prévert)

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