Liberated parents… Chapter 1: In the beginning were the words

Chapter 1 is really an introduction, coming back on the context of the book, which recounts the first contacts of the authors with Dr. Haim Ginott, and the discovery of some concepts which will then be developed.

Starting with the language.
What language to use with children?
A language that does not assess, but that describes.
And that’s how we move towards
descriptive praise
avoiding labels
encouraging autonomy
expressing anger without insulting
stating the rules without threatening

This isn’t only a training for professionals dealing with kids, because we all are professionals, or at least we should be.

Each parent has the opportunity to learn this new language, one of respect. One who  indirectly says: you’re able to take care of yourself; let’s focus on the solutions, and opportunities for mutual assistance, rather than on the problems, or the guilty.
And it is changing the way we express ourselves that we get to change ourselves, that we help our children to evolve, that we changes the atmosphere of the home.

I know it, I lived it.

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