Positive parenting

Positive parenting aims at changing the parent/children relationship dynamic. We want to get rid of the power struggles. The model no longer is one of a parent who has every right and impose orders on the child. We are thus clearly exiting the authoritative parenting. But we are not falling into permissiveness.

The idea is not that the child can do what he wants, we remain the parent. But we treat the child with respect. Respect for his person, respect for his emotions. We seek to obtain his cooperation, not blind obedience.

It is not easy, but it is possible. Parenting is learned on a daily basis.

My journey

It is possible to learn how to be the parent you want to be!

This is the idea that pushes me on the path of positive parenting, and that helped me move forward.

With every step, we get better, and I’m not at the end, but I already want to share the journey. With a summary of my readings, my observations, my results. (The advantage of having 4 children is that you can test the methods on the whole range!)

If you also want to move forward on this path, come with me!

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