Faber & Mazlish Workshops 2

Seeing how much interest was expressed for the first Faber & Mazlish workshops, I decide not to wait before launching a second cycle. But I change the format : too many interested parents can’t be engaged for 7 sessions, as planned in the first format. Therefore I decide that this second set will consist in 4 sessions, 2 hours each, instead of 1:30, with the idea of densifying the info.

Once again, 7 persons, only mums.
They welcome what I teach, and seem happy about what they learn, but I find these sessions are too dense. It is hard to receive so much info at once!

Workshops are a time to exchange, to discuss, to share. Each mum brings her contribution, and it is gratifying to see the mums develop one session after another.

I however learn from this experience. The future sessions won’t cover the whole book. I will choose the first themes (receiving feelings, encourage cooperation, alternatives to punishments), and will take time to discuss each one enough so people can really get into them.

I also feel I haven’t spent the time needed for a good conclusion. I organize an extra session with the ones who can to discuss on what they take out of the sessions. (The picture who see was taken then)

I quickly take note of what Gina tells me in that last session: « I feel the most important thing I get out of these workshops is a new respect towards my children. My husband and I could discuss about the fact that the way we’ve been raised is not an absolute model, and we had the right to do things differently. And that does not mean going through very complicated techniques, but following principles that just respond to natural ways. »

When I tell you we are fighting for a better world!

Next step: an evening with the husbands (since only mums could take the time during the day)!

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  1. Gina
    Gina dit :

    Since we began integrating the concepts we learned from these workshops into our parenting, I’ve discovered a new-found maturity in the way we interact with our children. Surprisingly, many other areas of our daily lives have also benefited from our new approach. Thanks to Coralie for facilitating this class and spreading the gospel of Positive Parenting. Through it, we have been able to make what seems like common sense, an actual part of how we raise and love our kids.


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