Understanding children’s emotions – Isabelle Filliozat

This is the second book from Isabelle Filliozat that I am reading, after « I tried everything! » (« J’ai tout essayé ! »)

I am still not done, it is much denser than the previous one, but I already like all the questions it rises in me.
I feel I keep on making links between what I read, what I read before, what we live day after day.

I take my time to process what I read, and I will be enriching little by little this post with links to others, according to my progress in the book.

I – Can we develop our children’s EQ?
Does it feel like yes or no?

II – Seven questions to think about in front of (almost) every situation
What’s his story?
7 questions to think about
What message do I want to send?
Are my needs competing with my children’s?
What’s most precious for me?

7 questions à se poser
Quel message ai-je envie de lui transmettre ?
Mes besoins sont-ils en compétition avec ceux de mes enfants ?
Qu’est-ce qui est le plus précieux pour moi ?

III – Life is motion

He is trying to say I
He is blaming someone else
To help the kid to be himself
Why are you crying?
We can’t receive the child’s feeling
Il cherche à dire JE
Il accuse autrui
Aider l’enfant à être lui-même
Pourquoi tu pleures ?
La reformulation
Nous n’arrivons pas à recevoir l’émotion de l’enfant

IV – Fear
Fear of the fairy tale
The first contact with people

La peur du conte de fées
Le premier contact avec les gens
La peur

V – Anger helping identity

VI – Happiness

VII – Sadness

VIII – Depression

IX – Life isn’t a quiet long river

X – A few ideas to live happier with your kids

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