The fantasy, a new skill…

We got it! We have now learned to give in fantasy!.

It is one of the first points that we saw in the first chapter of How to talk so kids will listen, and listen to kids will talk.

Since then, it isn’t rare for us to answer Leon with things like:
“It would be great if we could bring our toys to school…It would be nice if we could eat only chocolate cake!”

This morning, I felt really happy. We were in the car.
Nicolas and I were taking Léon and Anatole to school. Anatole was crying and asking for his teddy bear.
Léon tells him:
“Anatole, it would be great if we could have the teddy bear… unfortunately, it isn’t here.” Anatole stops crying, and Nicolas and I look at each other.

I loved the repetition of the model, because it proved two things:
that we had assimilated it enough for it to have become a model, and especially that Léon had himself integrated it as a method of acceptation of a situation we would prefer different.

Thus, we added another string to his bow!

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