Siblings without rivalry – Chapter 1: Brothers and sisters – Past and present

If we think back to our own childhood, we realize that we also fought…

In fact, the relations we had as children with our siblings still have an impact on the person we are today. Because they were part of our construction process.

At my place, it was terrible.
I remember a letter from my grandpa « Fabrice, try and get through a day without bothering your sister; Coralie, try and get through a day without crying… »
Then later, when the neighbors had to intervene when my parents were out at night because I was screaming with my brother blocking me on the ground…

In short, I wonder how we made it, and how come we have such a good relationship today!! But, even when we were fighting like that, we loved each other.
And I also have lots of great memories of battles of reshofen, of fusball games, playing ball next to the bushes, of « call the friends »…
Thus the idea of this book is not to avoid any fight between our children, (and maybe they will never be friends) but it is at least to equip them with the skills they need to take care of their relationships.

And sure enough, the atmosphere at home will be impacted!

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