Parents workshops – Cycle 3 in English

According to what I had decided last time, this time I have limited the themes that we would cover in these sessions.

I based the program of these workshops on the How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk book, from Faber&Mazlish, but I planned to fly focus on the first 3 chapters along these 4 sessions.

We thus discussed Positive Parenting, and receiving feelings. Then we talked about methods to encourage cooperation.
Finally, we discussed consequences rather than punishment, and, following my reading of Positive Discipline from Jane Nelsen, we insisted on problem solving and looking for solutions with the child, which  is much more empowering than implementing consequences.

This morning, after the last session, I had a hard time splitting with the 7 mums who participated in these workshops. In a few weeks, we have created a connexion, that I would love to see continue…

Who knows? Maybe it is only up to me to create other opportunities ?


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