Liberated parents… chapters 9 and 10: We feel what we feel / protection

We are now entering the second part of the book, which is called: PARENTS ARE PEOPLE
We’re changing the focal length…

A single post for these two chapters that complement each other.

This time, we are talking about the parents’  feelings.
Because they’re valid as well, I would be an illusion to think that we can pretend permanently, and live without taking account our own feelings.

« We can act a little nicer than we feel, but not much. » Dr Ginott
To sometimes show our own feelings and limitations, is giving the other ones the opportunity to consider them.

« We don’t need a reason to feel what we feel. The fact that we feel it is real enough. »



Chapter 10, which speaks of protection, goes a step further in what it means for parents to accept their own feelings:

To express what we feel, to set limits by listening to our feelings, rather than force oneself, is a way for us parents to protect ourselves, and also to protect the child: protect him from the moment where we can’t stand it anymore, and protect him by showing him how to protect oneself.


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