Liberated parents… Chapter 4: When a child trusts himself

This chapter discuss further the ideas of  Chapter 2: They feel what they feel.
First of all, a feeling is a fact.
Of course, when the child tells us: « We never do… », we get the urge to answer « Are you kidding? We just did last week! » But is that what counts? Understanding why he says that  is more important… « You feel that… » ? »

Then, as discussed in Chapter 2, validating the child’s feelings also teaching him to trust them, and identify his own limits. So avoid telling her: « No lifeguard isn’t an issue, you can swim! » or « Don’t worry, you’ll see… »
If she doesn’t feel comfortable, she’s right to stay within her limits.
In this chapter, There is an example of a girl who does not feel comfortable with the big boy taking her to the bushes and decides to listen to her feeling. What can we change in the fate of our children by teaching them to be listen to their feelings?

I am happy to think that on a certain level, it corresponds to what we have been doing with our children since they were small, using the following principle: find your own limits, jump if you feel you can do it, dont if you don’t!

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