Liberated parents… Chapter 11: Guilt and suffering

Here is a chapter that I struggle to summarize…

It deals with the fact that to convey our guilt feeling is not helping.

What we didn’t do right is an opportunity for our children to find a solution.
« It was my job to prepare a picnic for your field trip, and I forgot… How can we solve it? »

If we stay with a feeking of guilt, it is for us to solve, by talking to another adult, bu setting ourselves to do better the next time. The child shouldn’t have to forgive us, we’re in charge of moving forward.


Conversely, make the others feel guilty, is creating negative feelings that should not be invited. We tend to try and avoid people who make us feel guilty…

Therefore, what we sacrifice for our children should not be imposed on them. We can ask them to be thankful for something without going back to all the other things we did for them.


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