« I tried everything ! » (« J’ai tout essayé ! ») – Isabelle Filliozat

Isabelle Filliozat is a French psychologist, who is very famous in France for being THE positive parenting figure.

This is the first book I read from her. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an English version of this book…

I find it great. Very easy to read, filled with illustrations to help understand, and full of good ideas.

It really focuses on young children, and making the link between cerebral development and the child’s behaviour, or how to see his reactions at a new angle…

In short: tantrums don’t exist, it’s just about finding where the reaction is coming from.

I find that understanding better the source of problems undeniably helps us in resolving it!

The only thing is that it reads so fast that we get to the end without having had the time to digest the information, which explains the scarcity of articles I wrote around this book…

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