“I tried everything!”: Giving guidelines rather than prohibiting

We have already spoken , for very young children, of the trap of negative form, another point noted in the same book “J’ai tout essayé !” (“I tried everything !”)

Here, we speak of children that are a little older, but we follow the same idea: the message that gives the frame of authorizations is more efficient that that which prohibits.
In this direction  of thought, we will choose: “Here, we speak silently” rather than “Here, we don’t scream”.
(Hey, I will have to find another formulation of “we don’t hit” for Anatole…)

Or, in the case of the picture illustrating this post, in which I do have to tell him that he cannot touch it, I still focus on the positive, what we can do: “We can show with our finger without touching.”

It’s crazy how positivity can slip anywhere… In details…subtleties in language that change everything, and I have had the occasion of realizing this, even with other’s children

And I noticed that this idea corresponded quite well to a general evolution the last time I was at the airport!

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