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“I tried everything !” : Adding the gesture

In “J’ai tout essayé!” (« I tried everything! »), one of the little articles is titled “She does exactly what I just told her not to, while looking at me in the eyes!”

It’s happened to all of us and we can all admit it is annoying!!

But Isabelle Filliozat explains that the toddler has an intelligence principally “touch and feel”, that uses motion and physical sensations. Thus, doing what we just told him not to is a way for the child to commit to memory the thing he is not supposed to do, not to provoke us.

In the days that followed the read of that article, I got some concrete examples:

Anatole (2 years old) puts his toothbrush on the floor. I explain to him that he shouldn’t do it, and put it on the sink. He takes it, puts it on the floor, and says to me: “not here”, then puts it back on the sink and says “here”.

A couple days later, we are in a waiting room. He is seated on my lap to hug me, but his position doesn’t suit him. He changes it than explains: “Not like this – after getting back in the first position -, like this.

It’s so clear that I wonder how I could have overlooked this need before…

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