How to talk so teens… Chapter 5: Meeting the kids

Interesting chapter, where the author relates a session with kids, well… teenagers.

She decided , in order to better understand them, to ask them targeted questions, which they had to answer in writing. Questions about the advantage of having their age, their concerns, how they think their parents help or on the contrary don’t, advice they give their parents, or other teens…

Of course it got me thinking about us.


We try to have an open relationship with our teenager, to talk about everything, and above all make sure he knows he can talk to us about anything, but do we know how enough to know what he would answer to the questions raised here?
I’ll just copy here the list of these issues, we’ll each deal with our own teen…


When people make a comment like « well yes, he’s a teenager! », what do you think they mean?
What do you think is the main advantage of having your age – for yourself or for your friends?
What are some of the concerns of young people your age?
Are there things your parents say or do that are useful to you?
Are there things your parents say or do that you are not useful?
If you had any advice to give to parents, what would it be?
If you had any advice to give to other teenagers, what would it be?
What would you like to see change in your life – at home, at school, or with friends?


The end of the book is for teenagers themselves, how to communicate with their parents.
Try to stay respectful, avoid insults…
Then the last chapter encourages parents to seize opportunities that arise to discuss sensitive subjects, such as drug or sex… spontaneously and casually, for example discussing news, rather than by launching big conversations.

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