« He’s provoking me! » : To call or not to call…

An interesting experience reported by Isabelle Filliozat in “He’s provoking me!” (“Il me cherche !”).

7 to 12 years old girls are asked to do math problems in front of adults they don’t know.
Immediate effect : secretion of cortisone, the stress hormone.

After that, they are divided into 3 groups :
The girls from the first go back to their mothers, who reassure them by holding them in their arms.
The girls from the second talk to their mums over the telephone.
The girls from the third watch a very calm movie.

Result : the girls from the first two groups had a hormonal response of production of ocytocine, the effects of which lasted for various days. With the girls from the third group though, no trace of ocytocine was seen…

Thus the contact with one’s mother, even through phone, allows for the child to feel better. An idea to keep in mind when we are separated for various days, and are wondering wether to call or not!

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