Giving in fantasy

After reading the 1st chapter of how to talk so kids will listen…, I try and give my kids their wishes in fantasy.

León (3 and a half years) wants to wear jeans to go to school.
“But it’s too hot to wear jeans!
– I still want to wear jeans…
– … It would be nice if it was cold, so I could let you use these jeans! Then, there would even be snow!
– Yes, and we would use jeans… Well, I’ll leave them here, and I’ll wear them at home after school.”

I was surprised myself…


Some time later, in the car, Leon’s thirsty.
The fact that I don’t have water has no impact on his claim.
Fortunately, I’ve read the same situation in a book by Faber and Mazlish, so I’m armed!
“You know what would be nice? To have a tap in the car! So that, every time we would be thirsty, we could just turn the tap on and have water!”
It was enough to make him stop crying.

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