Dads’ session!

During my workshops, one question came along: how to bring the husbands on the same page?
Since I do these workshops in the mornings, and the world being what it is, only mums are there. Some share what they learn with their partners, others not so much.

An idea was born: to have an evening session with the dads, just to give them the basics.

Last Monday, I organized that evening. They were 8 present (plus my husband!). It was a bit intimidating at first, but I made a condensed presentation (Only an hour) of what positive parenting means, the change in the parent-children relationship, how to validate feelings, why avoid punishments.

The evening went very well, they did not seem in a hurry to leave, and, if they talk much less than their wives (the photo illustrating this post was sent to me before by one of the mum, so I could mentally prepare…), I still felt we had a good exchange. It is not always easy to know though: one of the dad hardly said a word. Afterwards, Nicolas and I even wondered what he thought about all that.. But I received a text from his wife the next day saying that he loved the presentation, and would love to follow other workshops himself!

In any case, no doubt about it: I’ll do that again!

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