There you go, I found myself!
One day as I was looking for articles on the difference between punishment and consequence, I came across a French blog of parents (famille épanouie) totally aligned with my own educational principles.
Looking at the forum, I wandered in their readings, and discovered new authors. (Being away from France, I had only been exposed to American writers, I wanted to know what was said in my native country…)
So I ordered a few things, and was reading « J’ai tout essayé ! » (« I tried everything! » – unfortunately not in English yet…) from Isabelle Fillozat, when my brother sent me this article on positive parenting from Le Monde.

The article explains that the educational principles of positive parenting come from Dr. Ginott and were widely distributed in the United States by Faber and Mazlish, before being taken up more recently in France, and that the success of a book like « J’ai tout essayé ! » showed the development of parents’ interest for these new techniques.
Faber and Mazlish, my bible!
Only, I didn’t know I was learning « positive parenting », because at the time, this educational trend had no name yet!
Now I know how to specifically look for my next readings (although I already have quite a few waiting…)!
I feel that a whole new world is opening up, for which I have fortunately built good foundation starting the right way!