How to talk so kids will listen… Chapter 2: engaging cooperation

This time, the chapter discusses the way we express ourselves to engage cooperation in children.
It seems that giving orders doesn’t always work well (really?), probably because the child doesn’t have a say.
Is it a lack of respect to try and impose on him actions that don’t involve any reflexion not decision on his part? I don’t know whether I would push it that far, but what is certain, is that we obtain a better cooperation when we adopt methods of communication that let the child make his own decision.

In order to do that, here are the suggestions from the book:
1.  Describe what you see, or describe the problem
« There’s a wet towel on the bed. »
2. Give information
« The towel is getting my blanket wet. »
3. Say it with a Word
« The towel. »
4. Describe what you feel
« I don’t like sleeping in a wet bed! »
5. Write a note
« Please put me back so I can dry » (above towel rack)

Thus, let’s consider the description… At home now, instead of « Will put your pajamas? », we hear « I see a naked boy! » That’s enough for Leon (3 years) to decide to put on his pajamas!

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