This is the first book I read from Adèle Faber and Elaine Mazlish. How - to's

It isn’t the first one they wrote, but definitely their most famous.

During our last year in Mexico (2013/2014), I was part of a book club for parents, organized by the school psychologist. Each month she would suggest some kind of parenting book, and we would then meet to discuss about it.

It was very interesting, except that a book per month was too much. We didn’t have time to really get the concepts and put them into practice!

I missed the January session, because I gave birth on the 31st of December.. And that turned out to be a good thing, because that session was about the book that people enjoyed most! Surprising reflexion? Well: I bought it anyway, and knew I would have more time to read it well!

And in deed, one country later, at the beginning of 2015, I began reading  Cómo hablar…


I spent several months on it, and I learned so many things!

My taste for parenting books was born before, but it’s really reading this one that it developed!

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Helping children deal with their feelings
Chapter 2: Engaging cooperation
Chapter 3: Alternatives to punishment
Chapter 4: Encouraging autonomy
Chapter 5: Praise
Chapter 6: Freeing children from playing roles
Chapter 7: Putting it all together

(No link to Chapter 7, which is brief and doesn’t bring new knowledge)


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