Here it goes again

Now that I’ve read several books, I begin to see the link between all these chapters, all these attitudes…

At first, it seems there is so much to change in the way we talk and react!
But actually…

Description: « I see a jacket on the floor » is both
a way to engage cooperation (Chapter 2 of How to talk so kids will listen…)
an example of an alternative to « Why you don’t put away not your clothes like your brother? » (Chapter on comparisons in Siblings without rivalry)
If it’s a description of our feelings:
« I don’t like seeing this jacket on the floor »
Then, apart from the 2 previous cases, we also are in Chapter 9 of Liberated Parents, Liberated children!

« It doesn’t interest me to talk about what your brother has, I’d rather talk about you » in Chapter 4 (equal is less) of Siblings without rivalry
is similar to: « I’m not interested in a report on what your brother said, but if you want to talk about you, I’m here! » in Chapter 6 of the same book, on fights.
Finally, all these are the same skills, put into practice in different cases.
So, is it useful to read so many books?
My answer is very clearly yes. Because it is precisely by revisiting their cases of application that we can finally begin to make them ours!

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